BOOK REVIEW: Foe by Iain Reid

foeCanadian author Iain Reid’s new book hits bookstores tomorrow. And, Foe has already gotten a ton of buzz.

Why’s that?

For starters, it’s a damn good read, set in the not-so-distant future, with a simple—though unsettling—premise. It features three characters: Junior, his unhappy wife Hen, and a stranger whose big news disrupts the couple’s routine lifestyle.

The reader dives into Junior’s troubled psyche after he’s been voluntold for a space mission. Junior tries to come to terms with the prospect of leaving his farm, without any say, to go live on a space station. At the same time, he struggles with the strain of his marriage caused by both the unwelcome news and the unwanted stranger’s presence in their home. With every turn of the page, you’ll feel that there’s a slight dissonance, something “off” with the story, much like the songs Hen plays on her out-of-tune piano.

The other reason behind all the hype?

Anonymous Content just bought the film rights to Foe. No surprise, because the mind-bending plot feels ideal for a script or a teleplay—perfect for an episode of Black Mirror. I can’t wait to see how Reid’s novel will be adapted for the big screen. There’s enormous potential for a hit psychological thriller. (Pssst! Casting directors! Joaquin Phoenix would make the perfect Junior.)

So, while I had figured out what was happening by the start of book’s second part, I had a blast reading on to see how the story would play out. And, boy, was it ever a satisfying conclusion!

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I’d like to thank Simon & Schuster Canada for sending me an advanced reader’s copy of the novel. Honest thoughts are my own.


4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Foe by Iain Reid

    • carolebesharah says:

      Oh, but Laura!!! The ending of Foe is perfect! Fitting. And, definitely satisfying.

      I just borrowed his first novel from my library. Will dive into that one soon, then let you know what I think. 🙂

      Thanks for popping by!

  1. I’m just starting it! I’m glad you liked it! I’m so afraid to be disappointed because I absolutely LOVED his first novel I’m Thinking of Ending Things (this book was just brilliant!)… So my expectations are high! It starts very strong though.

    • carolebesharah says:

      Hi, Angélique! Funny. I’ve heard several readers say they were frustrated with his first book, and others say they were totally blown away by it. Looking forward to finding out which camp I fall in. His debut novel will probably be my next read since I manage to get a copy from the library.

      Glad to see you are enjoying Foe so far. Cheers, Carole

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