Top Five Books You Should Read Fall 2014

I’m a lucky book nerd. In exchange for honest reviews, I get ARCs of books from publishers on NetGalley and Goodreads. This summer, I read over 25 books. Many of these titles hit the bookshelves in late August, others in September.

Check out the top five book you should read this fall:


F_NOVEL5)  F: a Novel by Daniel Kehlmann

“But there is a sense that no sentence means merely what it says, that the story is observing its own progress, and that in truth the protagonist is not the central figure: the central figure in the reader, who is all too complicit in the unfolding of events.”

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
August 26, 2014
272 pages, $30.00


MathewThomasBookCover4)   We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

“She knew it wouldn’t be like this forever, soon she’d make demands on him, expect the world of him. She was going to enjoy this part. She was going to fill her heart with it enough for years.”



Simon & Schuster
August 19, 2014
640 pages, $32.00

MonsterWife3)   The Monster’s Wife by Kate Horsley

“Ever since the doctor came, people were saying the year would be thin. No rain, poor seed. The moment he landed, oats and barley soured in the ground and the shoots looked mean.”

Barbican Press, 266 pages.
Kindle ($13.01) and Kobo ($13.55) editions now available
Paperback ($25.00) edition available on August 28, 2014


Sweetland_Cover2)   Sweetland  by Michael Crummey

“The ferry sailed by the breakwater through a blear of rain. The ocean beyond in an uproar. The deckhands hunched in neon-yellow slickers as they threw down the hawsers and winched the gangplank to the government wharf.”

Random House of Canada
August 19, 2014, 320 pages, $32.00


TheWorldBeforeUsColour1)   The World Before Us by Aislinn Hunter 

“It doesn’t matter that memories can sometimes be misshapen, that there are a hundred ways to fix or lose a sense of self.” 

Random House of Canada 
September 9, 2014
432 pages, $29.95


Click on the link for the full version of my reviews. If you read one of these, give me a shout! I’d love to hear your take on these novels. Happy reading!


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