MORE THAN A VOICE. OF A GENERATION: Looking Forward to Lena Dunham’s New Book



I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl in September. I admire Dunham’s talent as a writer, actor, and director on HBO’s GIRLS. I love that she puts herself out there, quirkiness and all. Her first book will surely encompass her unique take on life.

Voice of a generation? Perhaps. But I think she represents MORE than a generation. She’s weird and adorable and intelligent and creative and assertive and hard-working and oh so funny. Misfits and black sheep of all ages and walks of life are drawn to her work. Some people are turned off by the humour and happenings in Dunham’s HBO show. They might simply confuse her with Hannah —her self-centered and naive character on GIRLS. On the flipside, those who love Dunham cannot get enough of her and her antics. I am in the latter camp. (Oh, can you imagine spending a week at Camp Dunham with a bunch of girlfriends with Lena as camp leader? Sorry, the word camp veered me in a whole other direction.)

So, when Dunham tweeted about the current campaign for her new book, I had to check it out:

Do you have a problem you want dubious advice on? Bring me the queries, great & small!

You can submit your questions (about anything under the sun) to Lena Dunham until August 11, 2014 at midnight. She will then choose ten questions and answer them via video. Sounds like fun. Random House is doing such an awesome job promoting her book. Writers David Sedaris and Miranda July both rave about Not That Kind of Girl, and wrote great blurbs which figure prominently on the book’s webpage. The retro book cover is perfect. These details aren’t surprising, seeing as the writer is rumoured to have received a 3.7-million advance for her first book. That’s quite the investment for the publisher.

So, check out the Ask Lena page and send her a question. Who knows, she may just answer it for all to see. Also, when visiting the website, please read the ‘About the Author’ page (or rather, About the Ather page). She wrote it as an 8-year-old girl —it’s adorable!

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