The Doubleday UK twitter campaign is in full swing. The team asks avid readers daily, book-related questions during the month of July. Then, readers share their answers with others on Twitter. It’s tons of fun. I hope you will join in. Here are my tweets for Week 3 of July’s #bookadayuk:

DAY 15
: Latest book bought: This One Summer (gorgeous graphic novel by writer Mariko Tamaki and illustrator Jillian Tamaki)

DAY 16: Fav beach book: Anything on my Kindle… better than paper when trying to avoid the harsh glare of the sun.

DAY 17: Novel which surprised me most: Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz. Still cannot believe I did not see that one coming. So. Good.

DAY 18:  Fav crime novel: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


DAY 19: MM Plot Twist: Ned Stark’s beheading (Game of Thrones) Damn you Joffrey!!!

DAY 20: My ‘Desert Island Novel’: Lord of the Flies. Wait. Too Short. The Lord of the Rings trilogy will keep my busy longer.

DAY 21: Expected to hate it but love it: Who Has Seen The Wind by W.O. Mitchell. Great Canadian classic.



Click here to view for my
Week 1 and Week 2 recaps.

Thanks for reading!


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